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Usage and Side Effects

You should take 1/4 oz of Flexicose per day. For the first 2 weeks, it is helpful to double your daily dose (to 1/2 oz.) for maximum relief if you have never taken glucosamine before, or if you have been off glucosamine for more than a three months.

1/4 oz is the same as one half (1/2) tablespoon or one and a half (1.5) teaspoons. For those who do not want to hassle with measuring out each dose separately, Flexicose contains a built in measuring device that is very simple to use, even for our customers who already have severe joint discomfort. Simply open the left cap and gently squeeze until Flexicose fills up to the appropriate measured dose. Then simply drink Flexicose straight from the bottle or mix it with your favorite drink. You may easily mix it with sodas or juices. For pets, you can simply pour over their food. It just doesn't get any easier.

Because Flexicose works with your body to help promote the health of your joints after years and years of wear and tear, you will start to notice relief after seven to fourteen days, maybe add another week for severe cases. While some of our customers have reported results in as little as just a few days, sometimes right away, most people will take up to two weeks for Flexicose to work for them. Continue taking your Flexicose every day and you will pretty quickly begin to feel relief. In very advanced cases, it may take close to a month to start to reduce your discomfort by a substantial level. Remember, unlike harsh NSAIDs, you are not just masking the soreness, you are working on improving the health of your joints. Just like a cut, it cannot not heal overnight. If you wish to continue taking your NSAIDs such as aspirin or ibuprofen while you are taking Flexicose, that is perfectly ok. You should start to notice that the amount of NSAIDS you need to take will become less and less over time until after a few weeks you are likely to not need to take any at all.

Side Effects, Contraindications, Interactions:

Shellfish Allergies

Because most glucosamine is derived from shellfish (a few manufacturers offer it derived from corn), you should consult your doctor prior to starting glucosamine therapy if you suspect you may have a shellfish allergy. If the glucosamine is pure but derived from corn, it is still possible that people who are allergic to shellfish can take glucosamine. Because the allergic reaction is to the proteins in shellfish and glucosamine is derived from Chitin, a carbohydrate, it is generally ok to try glucosamine, under the guidance of a doctor, because the processing that takes place to extract the glucosamine destroys the proteins and the antigens that the body would normally react to. Despite this, our personal recommendation is to avoid glucosamine if you are allergic to shellfish. If you are allergic to shellfish but must take glucosamine, speak with your health care professional first before initiating any glucosamine therapy and discontinue if you notice any negative effects.


Insulin levels with glucosamine (HCL or Sulfate) can be subject to fluctuations, particularly in diabetics. Glucosamine is technically a carbohydrate (a sugar), but the body is not able to convert glucosamine into glucose. Hence, glucosamine does not directly provide additional sources of glucose. In diabetic patients, many factors can lead to changing blood levels and as a result it is very important to check with your doctor prior to initiating glucosamine therapy and to be sure to be very careful (as always) about monitoring your blood sugar levels while on Flexicose. Most diabetics should not have a problem with glucosamine. Consult your doctor first.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant and lactating women should generally avoid glucosamine simply because there have not been enough long term studies on the fetus to clearly say that glucosamine has absolutely no effect on fetal growth. There is absolutely no known evidence that glucosamine would be harmful, but it would be best to be safe for the time being, while science lacks studies specifically addressing pregnant women. As always, consult your doctor first.


Extremely high levels of Glucosamine (at many, many times the daily dose) can cause gastric fluctuations such as soft stools, diarrhea or nausea. You would generally have to take more than one bottle of Flexicose to induce this. Flexicose does not have to be taken with meals but it would be convenient to mix with a drink when you take it if you so desired. We recommend taking Flexicose in the morning when you go for breakfast. Most people will not have any problems with Flexicose, especially when taken at suggested dosages.

Aside from those four situations, and when taken as directed, Flexicose is a very safe product. Unlike harsh and potentially disabling or fatal drugs like Celebrex and Vioxx, Flexicose is very safe when taken at normal dosages. Most importantly, Flexicose actually gets to the root of your pain, and rebuilds damaged cartilage. That is something that no NSAID or COX-II drug can do for they simply mask your pain. Flexicose helps to promote healthy cartilage and ease soreness and discomfort.

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