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Flexicose for Athletes

Athletes are particularly prone to joint trauma due to increased activity and the abnormal stress placed on their joints. With time, injuries to joint cartilage will usually manifest into osteoarthritis. We've all seen professional athletes (especially football players) walking gingerly on knees that have been damaged over the course of a short career. But any sport where an injury to an ankle, knee, shoulder, etc. can cause a cartilage damaging injury, will result in a higher probability the afflicted joint will develop arthritis. This is where Flexicose, a high-quality liquid glucosamine joint complex, works to supply the buildng blocks needed to improve the health of your cartilage and protect your joints.
Liquid glucosamine, the main ingredient in Flexicose, provides higher levels of glucosamine directly to your joints. Liquid glucosamine serves as a building block for proteoglycans (pronounced pro-toe-gly-cans), the main component of cartilage, to help maintain and protect healthy joints.

Proteoglycans are essentially a really thick interwoven group of threads that weave throughout the collagen and cartilage, and are absolutely essential for joint health because they hold many times their weight in water. This both serves to lubricate and nourish the collagen. Not having water in your joints is like trying to run your car without oil - it will destroy your engine. The proteoglycans that glucosamine creates bring and hold that water right in the joints where it does the most good.

Injuries and Damaged Cartilage
If cartilage is damaged, as it commonly occurs in athletes, the thread of proteoglycans may become weak or break, or simply "leak" out, and thus the collagen in the joint loses its nourishment and support system as the proteoglycans (that depend largely on glucosamine) lose their ability to bind to the cartilage. This means they float away and are of little help. The result of all of this is much like having no shocks or suspension on a car in that the cartilage wears out and cannot withstand further shocks and impacts. Debilitation develops. Inflammation starts. The cartilage may crack or eventually may even wear out completely. Without its proteoglycan support system to keep it together and replenish it, the cartilage quickly wears out. When it wears out, you have bone spurs, broken bits of cartilage floating in synovial fluid, bone on bone grinding, inflammation and extreme soreness. Fortunately you now have options with treatments.
For existing discomfort, Flexicose users usually will report noticing a significant difference within seven to fourteen days. For more advanced cases, significant improvement is generally seen in about fifteen to twenty five days. Give Flexicose some time to work, just like a scrape or cut, your body cannot heal overnight but you will notice steady improvement after a week or two. Fortunately, with Flexicose's unique blend of 14 premium synergistic ingredients, you do not have to wait four to six WEEKS, like with many low bio availability pills or tablets. Flexicose also works great as a preventative measure.

Flexicose contains 14 powerful ingredients:
Glucosamine Sulfate, Glucosamine HCL, Chondroitin Sulfate, MSM, Manganese, Omega 3, Yucca, Bromelaine, Boswellia, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Aloe Vera Gel, and Niacinamide.
Flexicose's unique liquid joint complex is a powerful product for all of your joint discomfort, soreness and joint issues. We guarantee it with our money back, no questions asked, 60 day guarantee.
Forget hard to absorb powders, tablets or pills. Pills offer a low absorption rate because you body has to break down the pill from the fillers and stabilizers, and whatever is left over (if it hasn't already passed completely out of your body) is left to be absorbed. Throw away your greasy creams! Flexicose has been formulated as a liquid for good reason. Liquid means high absorption and high absorption means speed and relief. Click here to read more about absorption, and liquids vs pills.

Here is an experiment you can try at home to prove the absorption rates for yourself. Here's what you do and it only takes about 5 minutes to prepare. All you need is a pill and some vinegar, and here's why - the pH of the acids in your stomach, which ultimately dissolve everything you eat, is about 4.2. To replicate the pH of your stomach, we will use vinegar because its pH is about 4.0. Pour a little vinegar in a cup, enough so that you can drop a pill in completely. Now, drop the pill in the vinegar and watch what happens...nothing! Give it five minutes...nothing! Give it fifteen minutes...barely anything! Give it ten hours, yes ten hours, and see what happens...the pill is, for a good part, still in tact! With Flexicose, absorption begins immediately, delivering almost 90% of all ingredients available into your circulatory system.

Flexicose, the liquid joint complex for Top Performing Athletes
> Helps you perform at your best
> Improves flexibility
> Keeps your cartilage protected
> Helps reduce discomfort
> Lowers soreness
> Facilitates cartilage health
> Helps protect your joints from further damage
> Gives you the competitive edge
To perform at your best, your skeletal system must be operating at it's peak. Flexicose helps your joints by protecting and enhancing the health they take from constant use. You work hard to perform at your best, so why let mere joint problems stand in your way? Why let your hard workouts continue to break down your joints? Get started on Flexicose today and put an end to all of that. Protect your joints today!