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Flexicose for Pets Reviews

We would like to thank all of you who take the time to share your Flexicose experience with us. We never get tired of them and it makes us proud to be associated with a product that works so well for people and pets. If you would like to share your experience, please email us at D and D Enterprises and we'll share yours here too.
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Beautiful Jade with her Brother ...
February 11, 2010
Our Great Dane has been on Flexicose for about 3 months. Jade is almost 7 and has been diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease. Prior to starting Flexicose, she was doing many of the things you mention on your site as warning signs: hiding, crying, limping, slow to get up. Now with the Flexicose and chiropractic care, Jade is running again, initiating play with her 17-month-old "brother" and happy to be part of the family again. I can tell a big difference, not only in her activity level and comfort, but also in her mind and spirit. She feels good and it shows! Thank you very much!
I've attached a couple pictures of our girl, one of her playing with her brother. She can *almost* keep up with him.
Thank you so much,
Jill H. Culleoka, TN

June 9, 2010...Meet Harley!
Hi, Back again for more! Flexicose does wonders for my Great Dane! Here are some pictures of your happy customer "Harley", all 150 pounds of him. His joints are great on Flexicose!
Thanks--Cary R. Medway MA

March 29, 2010
Hi there,
I am one of your long-time customers. I need to order another 3 month supply for my old gal, a Great Dane/Greyhound cross. It is unbelievable how much Flexicose helps her! I am affiliated with North West Florida Great Dane Rescue Inc. www.nwflgdr.com and a while ago when I told them how great Flexicose is, they started getting it too. Here is a photo of my old gal...taken last September. The dog on the flowered sheet is also a Great Dane rescue, as are all dogs I get. Age somewhere between 13 and 17 years we think. VERY old for a 110 pound Dane mix and Flexicose helped get her to this age!!!
Thanks again!
Lucy F.
Graceville Fl.

September 28, 2008
"Never write them, but this time it's worth it.
I purchased Flexicose for my 3 dogs, 2 Welsh Corgi’s (12 & 11 yrs) and my Sheltie (7 yrs) . All three have shown great improvement, but I would like to tell Sheba’s story. Sheba is a 7 yr old Sheltie. The first two years of her life was spent in a dog carrier which was barely large enough for her to stand. She did go on a daily walk, and they let her out to feed her, but that’s about it, except for some occasional time tied to a tree. Her prior owners didn't really want her, but their son insisted. Sheba joined our family at 2. When she came to live with us, as you can imagine, she was overweight, and had not properly developed her leg / hip muscles. She could barely stand, let alone walk. We worked on lowering her weight, and with proper exercise she was able to get around much better, but still had problems getting up from a laying position. It was uncomfortable for her to sit, and she never could jump. I tried a lot of different methods to try and help her, and they were somewhat successful but not enough. This year she started to revert back to when we first got her. Very hard time standing, difficulty walking, etc. 3 months ago, I found your product. After a few days of Flexicose, Sheba showed a vast improvement. She could sit, she could run, and she could even jump! She was again alert, wants to play all the time and she now acts like the puppy she couldn’t be. A smile comes on my face whenever I need to tell Sheba to “quit” acting up. I never though I’d need to. Thank you Flexicose!!"
Follow-up from our reply:
"And I'm so glad I found your product. We give her all the love in the world, but because she had such a bad start, as time went on her quality of life was becoming an issue we desperately wanted to solve. She's bow legged, has bad hips, bad knees and even a 1/2 a tail (don't know exactly how that happened, but we can guess). Despite it all, She's a very beautiful dog, with a personality to match and watching her progress on your product is amazing! (pic - Here she is, my youngest baby girl!)"

March 30, 2010
Thank you so much for this.
Flexicose is an excellent product and both my Labradors are thriving on it. One is 4 years old and beginning to suffer from arthritis. The other is 2, and had a dislocated elbow last year. Taking Flexicose is making both their lives much better!
I will be purchasing it again in the future, as your service is excellent.
Fiona S. Ireland

My 8-year-old dog loves your Flexicose product and I can tell a radical difference in his behavior when I give it to him. I now give it to him daily. It takes his pain away!
I will happily be your customer long into the future!
Amy S. Austin TX.

October 27, 2009
Dear D and D,
I have an 11 yr. old greyhound who has arthritis in his lower spine and
hips. We had been giving him a pill form of glucosamine chondroitin-hylauronic acid for the last 2 yrs. After reading that the liquid form was faster absorbed I decided to try it.
Griffin who is a retired AKC conformation Champion, is doing so much better. He is now walking with me daily 45-55 minutes, and is ready to chase (and tries) the squirrels and deer that are in our path. His hind quarters are much sturdier and he zips through the back yard like a puppy. It did take approx. 2 weeks to notice a difference, but it was so obvious that it helped him, I will definitely keep re-ordering. I've included a picture of my boy, he is Champion Honycomb Postvly Spectacular.
Karen B. Lexington Va.

We LOVE testimonials for pets ...
January 9, 2009
HI , I just want to tell you how Great Flexicose is in treating my Labs. It works Wonders!! My oldest lab is 10 and has bouts with arthritis,and in 2 days,(yes 2 days) she is back to catching her Frisbee! I sure am glad for Flexicose Liquid Joint Care! You may use this to tell others about Flexicose. I recommend it to all of our family & friends for their dogs as well as for them with their pain with arthritis.
Sincerely, Alex in Pa.

January 6, 2009
Hi there...i just want to tell you what a lifesaver flexicose is for our German Shepherd. We got Elsa a few years ago from a foster family and her full history was not revealed to us, but she has an old femur break, hip dysplasia and a variety of other ailments. In the cold weather, her back legs can be so painful and she can barely walk not to mention jumping into the car is impossible. After trying all kinds of different pills and prescription drugs, nothing worked. The Flexicose restored her gait, has no side effects and she seems to feel good again, this stuff works and it's so inexpensive when we were paying so much for all the other stuff that didn't work. Also, the shipping time is impossible to match...you have a great thing to offer...Thanks again.
Michon O.

June 4, 2009
This is a reorder, product worked really well with my old dog and the quick service and delivery was flawless.
Betty W.

December 5, 2008
Dear D and D,
Thank you for your wonderful service and for quantity discounts on Flexicose. I had pain in my neck caused by calcification around three vertebrae. I tried several prescription drugs and neither drugs nor exercises worked. The Flexicose eliminated the problem entirely!
Secondly, I have an older dog, Jezebel. She is an Akita and is about 13 years old. Her arthritis became so severe that she could not get up from laying down without help. I started giving her a daily dose of my Flexicose, and now she is completely mobile, and even wrestles with the other dogs. I can’t believe it!! This is an incredible product!! Thank you for your great service!
Aimee H.

Hooray for Freckles!! ...
December 7, 2009

Recently, I ordered Flexicose for my 14 year old Rat Terrier. I am absolutely amazed with the results. "Freckles" was diagnosed with arthritis. She had trouble walking, was limping and moving very slowly. It was obvious she was in continual pain. She often just fell down and I hated to see her suffering so much. I didn't think Freckles was going to be with us much longer.

A friend suggested I try Flexicose. I started giving Freckles 1/4 teaspoon each day sprinkled on her dinner (dry dog food). Within 2 weeks, we began seeing a remarkable difference. Freckles has continued to improve and I just can't believe the change in her. She is walking well and her limping is gone. She is able to jump up on the couch once again. The other day she even chased a squirrel in the back yard.
I now think Freckles is going to be with us for a long time. Most important, she is a happy dog and pain free once again.
Thank you for your wonderful product.
Joanne L.
Tampa, Florida

P.S. I have never written a testimonial for any product, but this time I just had to let you know how pleased we are.

July 19, 2010
I just wanted to say how great your product is! My dog Jake has been on it (his Vet told me to put him on Glucosamine: 1500 mg per day). Let me tell you, you can see the change in him! He runs around now and is able to get into our SUV without help. Your product is so easy to use and give and let me tell you that means a lot!
I'm so glad I found your product.
God bless you!!
Lynne K.
Pocono Lake, Pennsylvania

April 12, 2010
Dear Flexicose
Thank you for giving me my Bandit back! I was about to put him to sleep because his hips kept popping out. But now, he can run, jump, and play.
Bandit is a miniature Austrian Shepherd 1 Year 4 months old.
You have saved me a lot of money on vet bills.
He is happy and healthy and he has been on Flexicose for about 45 Days now. It is a wonder drug.
Thank you so much.
Your friend for ever,
Mark K. Palm Coast FL.

August 18 2009
Thanks very much for your product, my dog is SO much better after just one month of use!
Donna & Alan K.
Weston, VT